Pick and Pack instructions (using Old Grid) for EDI orders and generate ASN and invoice for retail chain

1) Login to Bizperanto using bizperanto.com , navigate to STAGING > Orders, select Source filter to 'EDI' then click "Old Grid" to view all EDI orders into old grid.


2) Scroll right on orders page and click "magnifier" to view the orders details.


3) Click "Add Item" to add line item details and "Add Shipment" to add the shipment details under order details dialog.


4) Click "Add Pack" and fill in the details (like Pack Id, Tracking Number, Pro Number, Description, BOL, Weight etc) then click "Add" on Add Packs dialog to add pack details in order details.


5) Click "+" icon and fill the details (like Line Number, SKU, Qty etc) then click "Add" on Add item dialog to add line details in Packs. You can add multiple packs and line items as needed.




6) Click "Printer" icon to print the label for each packs.


7) Once all the packs are ready, click "Download Labels" to print the labels for all the packs and click "Packing Slip" to print the packing slip for packs. Now once the shipment is done, you can click "FulFill" and the order status will change to "SHIPPED" and the ASN + invoice both will be processed within an hour.


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