Syncware EDI Instructions

  1. Log in to Syncware (
  2. Click STAGING >> ORDERS to see all orders received. Syncware pulls the EDI network hourly searching for new orders.
  3. Click VIEW to see the order details. If pack quantities have been entered for all items on the order, they will be automatically packed into packs. (This won’t happen on the test order as these are not your company’s items).
  4. Each pack will have a pack id, and you will be able to see which items are in the pack.
  5. DOWNLOAD LABELS prints out the UCC128 labels. This will need to be set up for SAKS, will be ready next week.  You can the PDF of the labels to the warehouse.  They can then print it out of their label printer.
  6. Once the order has shipped, enter the tracking number and ship date and click FULFILL.
  7. The invoice and ASN (810 and 856) will then be automatically transmitted within the hour.

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