QuickbooksOnline Plugin Configurations

Name Type Descriptions
Last Invoice Criteria string Display last invoice criteria date/time.
Last Invoice Import Date string Display last invoice import date/time.
Last Invoice Import Id string Display last invoice import id date/time.
Invoice Import Start Date string Display invoice import cutoff date/time.
Last Estimates Import Date string Display last estimates import date/time.
Last Estimates Import Id string Display last estimates import id date/time.
Last Estimate Criteria string Display last estimate criteria date/time.
Block Avail string Block available quantity of the products.
Last Import Date string Display last import date/time.
Last Product Import Date string Display last product import date/time.
Clean Import Items string Clear/delete the imported items from itemdesc.
Default Customer Msg string Default customer message as customer memo.
Sales Person From string Sales person from where the orders are coming. Ex.- Agency/Rep.
Last Document Number string Last document number when the order was created.
Clean Import Yn string True/False. Truncate all details.
Update Ccard Yn string True/False. Update credit card details.
Save Invoices To string Save invoices to destination. Ex.- staging_invoices, staging_orders, invoices, orders
Save Estimates To string Save estimates to destination. Ex.- staging_invoices, invoices.
Pull Rep From Class Yn string True/False. Setting rep as class. Default is false.
Customer Parents To Skip string Remove/skip customers with parent.
Sales Tax Code string Sales tax code.
Tax Code Id string Tax code id in tax details.
Home Currency string Currency reference type.
Auto Export Errors string True/False. Default is false.
Error Sku string Invalid Sku.
Income Account string Income account reference type.
Cogs Account string Cost of Goods Sold (cogs) account reference type.
Get Orders For Custom Field string Pull orders for specified custom field.
Get Estimates For Custom Field string Pull estimates for specified custom field.
Default Class string Use this class when uploading orders.
Default Dept string Use this dept when uploading orders.
Default Terms string Use this terms when uploading orders.
Name Or Company string DisplayName on billing adderess.
Auto Add Customer string True/False. Default is false.
Use System Prices string True/False. Use QB system prices.
Item Category Filter string Filter applied at item category level.
Use Long Name string True/False. Use long name as mentioned on items.
Customers Max Returned string Customers max returned.
Shipment Use Staging Invoice Yn string True/False. Shipment uses staging invoices.
Sku To Item Yn string True/False. Sku to item.
Use Itemref Value Yn string True/False.Item reference value under line details.
Specify Item Type Yn string True/False. Specify item types.
Log Incoming Order string True/False. Incoming order of logs generating.
Get Invoice Id string Get invoice id.
Get Item Id string Get item id.
Get Customer Id string Get customer id.
Skip Kit Item string Obsolete.
Get Shipment From Line string Get shipment info from line items.
Update Ready To Ship Flag string True/False. Update ready to ship flag.
Estimate Num Suffix string Suffix to InvoiceId or DocNumber.
Pull Po From Cust Field string Obsolete.
Cc To Notes string True/False. Cc to notes.
Po As Inv Num string True/False. Po as Invoice number.
Item From Acctgid string True/False. Item from accounting id.
Ordno As Inv Num string True/False. Order number as Invoice number.
Update Batch Size string Total records in batch.
Prefix Bzp string Bzp prefix added before DocNumber.
Auto Add Item string True/False. Adding new item automatically. Default is false.
Shipping Sku string Shipping Skus.
Discount Sku string Discount on Skus.
Adjustment Sku string Adjustment Skus.
Skip Bad Skus string True/False. Remove bad Skus.
Cust Type Filter string Filter applied as customer type.
Email Invoice string True/False. Email Invoice.
Now As Invdate string True/False. Now as invoice date. Default is false.
Sdate As Invdate string True/False. Ship date as Invoice date.
Log Request Response string True/False. Log request response.
Block Source string Comma separated list of sources to block.
Last Notify Errors string Display last notify errors date/time.
Test Mode string Only show debug statements in Event log without invoking the API.
Addr In Line1 string True/False. Address in line1.
Suppress Email string True / False. Suppress email from orders.
Debug string True/False.

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