CIN7 Plugin Configurations

Name Type Descriptions
API Id string The API Id from CIN7 admin page
API Key string The API key supplied CIN7 team
Username string Username as provided by CIN7 team
Password string Password
Last Import Date string Display last order imported date/time
Order Id string Unique Ids created for each orders.
Lookback Days string Display date/time when last order imported.
Stage Filter string Filter applied at any point of time while processing the orders.
Branch Filter string Filter applied as branch while processing the orders.
Acknowledge Order Stage string Update/acknowledge the order stage. Order stage cannot be updated, as acknowledge order stage is not set.
Page Size string Page size to manage orders view.
So Branch Id string Branch Id.
Hold Future Ship string true/ false. Hold orders with a future ship date. Orders are auto processed once ship date becomes current.
Auto Add Customer string true/false. Auto-create customer in CIN7 during order processing, if a matching customer (based on name, address, email) is not found
Pull To Itemdesc string Pull items to the master items table. The default is false i.e. only internal product IDs are saved, and product details are not visible to the user in Bizperanto
Comm Gl Acct string Commission on GL accounts under line items.
Default Email string Email to use if none available on incoming order
Source Prefix string Prefix added before source of the orders.
Pricing Tier string Obsolete
Prod Filter string Filter applied at product level.
Order Stage string

Set the order stage in CIN7. Default: New

Possible values: New, Awaiting Payment, Declined, Dispatched, Processing, On Hold 

Match By Email string This allows user to match customer by email.
Debug string true/false

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