Quickbooks plugin configuration (Desktop via Web Connector)

Name Type Descriptions
Account string Specify the default account name.
Use Staging Order string True/False.
Save Order As Staging Invoice string True/False.
Use Staging Invoice string True/False.
Summarize Records string True/False.
Add Staging Order As Invoice string True/False.
Use Cart Order Id string True/False. Default is to use PO.
Link Invoice To Order string True/False. If true, the system tries to match the new invoice with an existing sales order
Import Active Items Only string True/False.
Import All Items string True/False.
Import Active Customers Only string True/False.
Open Orders Only string True/False.
Add Error Sku string True/False. If true, adds a ERROR sku for mismatched lines on an order
Skip Bad Skus string True/False. Remove bad Skus.
Site Filter string The inventory site filter to be used on lines.
Pull Inv Onhand string Obsolete
Sales Order Template string Specify customized sales order template.
Sales Invoice Template string Specify customized sales invoice template.
Sales Receipt Template string Specify customized sales receipt template.
Estimate Template string Specify customized estimate template.
Skip Class Ref string True/False. Remove class reference.
Skip Payment Ref string True/False. Remove payment reference.
Sales Order Class string Use sales order class.
Notify Email Addresses string Email to get notifications.
Inv Adj Notify Email string Email to get inventory adjustment notifications.
Last Inventory Upload string Display last inventory upload date/time.
Shipping Item string Shipping item details.
Adjustment Sku string Adjustment Sku.
Discount Item string Discount applied on item.
Tax Item string Tax applied on item.
Sales Tax Code string Sales tax code.
Item Sales Tax Code string Item sales tax code.
Sales Tax State string Sales tax state.
State Sales Tax string Sales tax applied as per the state norms.
Outstate Sales Tax string Sales tax applied outside of the state.
Tax Sku string Tax Sku.
Customer On So string The customer to force on the Sales Orders
Customer On Sr string  The customer to force on the Sales Receipts
Customer Type string Type of the customer.
Customer Filter string Filter applied as customer type.
Include Rep string True/False.
Agency Or Rep string This allows user to select agency or rep.
Default Rep string True/False.
Inventory Site On So string Inventory site filter to be used on sales orders.
Get Orders For Custom Field string Pull orders for specified custom field. Best to use "READY TO SHIP"
Save Orders To string Save orders to destination.
Get Po For Custom Field string Pull Po for specified custom field.
Save Po To string Save Po to destination.
Get Invoices For Custom Field string Pull invoices for specified custom field. Best to use "READY TO SHIP"
Get Receipts For Custom Field string Pull receipts for specified custom field. Best to use "READY TO SHIP"
Has Been Placed Flag string True/False.
Has Been Shipped Flag string True/False.
Company Or Name string Use Company or Name to match customer.
Use Match Cust string This allows user to match the customer.
Suppress Duplicate Po string True/False. Suppress duplicate Po.
Tracking Info Sku string Use specified SKU to map tracking number in invoice.
Manual Invoices string This allows users to process invoices manually.
Multi Currency On Yn string Use multi-currency. Default is disabled, and only use USD.
Ar Account Number string Ar account number.
Cogs Account string Cost of Goods Sold (cogs) account reference type.
Asset Account string Asset account.
Bank Account string Bank account.
Order Cut Off Date string Display order cut off date/time.
Fob Value string Obsolete
Use Itemdesc Price string True/False. Use itemdesc price.
Company In Address1 string Company name in address.
Date On Order string Order date when the order was created.
Possible values:-
1. blank: Use the OrderDate on the order. (Default) 
2. "today": Use today's date for order date
3. "shipdate": Use expected ShipDate for order date
3. "shipment_date": Use shipment ShipDate for order date
Use Source As Class string True/False. Use source as class.
Use Agency As Class string True/False. Use agency as class.
Shipconf Send Dataextmod string  
Batch Size string Total records in batch.
Export Shipped Orders string Export shipped orders to the destination sources.
Inventory Account No string Inventory account number.
Pull Name Addr1 string Pull name from address.
Orderid As Invnum string True/False. Order id as Invoice number.
Use Orderid Null Po string True/False.
Po As Refnum string True/False. Po as reference number.
Po In Memo string Po in Memo.
Update Cc Details string Update credit card details.
Max Kits string  
Kit Breakout string  
Insert Comments As Line string Insert comment in line items.
Order Source string This shows the source of the orders.
Chain string Chaining the endpoints in Biz.
Suppress Terms string True/False, Suppress terms.
Double Spaces string  
Pull Shiptos string  
Uom Convert string Uom convert
All Caps Addr string All capital letters in address.
Debug string True/False.

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