How To Connect Syncware With BigCommerce

Follow these steps to create a new API account in BigCommerce and share the resulting API Path and V2/V3 API tokens generated with the Syncware team.  Please note these steps need store owner login.

Step 1. Login to BigCommerce with Store Owner credentials, and go to Advanced Settings › API Accounts and click Create API Account. Select V2/V3 API token.

Step 2. Enter Syncware for the app/integration name corresponding to this account, then copy or make a note of the API Path — you'll need it to use the API account.

Step 3. Under OAuth Scopes, specify the following API resources and permissions:

  • Content: read-only
  • Customers: modify
  • Orders: modify
  • Order Transactions: modify
  • Get Payment Methods: read-only
  • Products: modify (required to update inventory)

Provide the following details to the Onboarding Team:

1) Token - Access Token value as noted from BigCommerce API Credentials screen

2) Store Hash - xxxxxxxxxx Get store hash value from API PATH URL


3) Client Id - Client Id value as noted from BigCommerce API Credentials screen

4) Password - Client Secret value as noted from BigCommerce API Credentials screen

5) Version - V2 or V3. Get version from API PATH URL


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