Shopify plugin configuration

Please follow this article to setup Syncware as a private app in Shopify first.

Note: Ignore any settings not mentioned in this guide. They are for internal dev use only

Name Type Description
Api Key string

The API key from Shopify Apps admin page

Password string

Password from Shopify Apps admin page

Store Name string

Store name mentioned in the Shopify URL - the part before

Ex.- https://<store_name>


Access Token string

Access token to access/authenticate API.

API Version string

Can be left blank, mainly for DEV team to test different Shopify API versions

Last Order string

Displays last order ID pulled back from Shopify. Update to pull past orders

Last Draft Order string

Last order created by the Vendor.

Single Order string

To get/import single order from Shopify.

Last Import string

Display last order import date/time.

Import by Date string

Date/Time filter applied to import orders.

Allow Old Orders string

Allow old orders without skip when syncing the data.

Order Limit string

Limit/Range of the orders.

Allow Status string

Allow orders with specified status(es). By default, only order in pending, authorized, partially_paid, paid and partially_refunded status are processed.

Possible statuses are:

* pending: The payments are pending. Payment might fail in this state. Check again to confirm whether the payments have been paid successfully.
* authorized: The payments have been authorized.
* partially_paid: The order have been partially paid.
* paid: The payments have been paid.
* partially_refunded: The payments have been partially refunded.
* refunded: The payments have been refunded.
* voided: The payments have been voided.

Block Status string

This will allow user to restrict the order status which user doesn't want to see in grid. See above for list of statuses.

Pull Fulfilled string

true/false to control importing fulfilled orders. Default is false - only pull unfulfilled orders

Allow Line Dupes string

Allows user to create duplicate entry under Line items.

Order Lag Mins string

Delay timing can be set for any orders.

Batch Order string

Sequence of batches contains orders.

Last Product Upload string

Display last product upload date/time

Last Inventory Upload string

Display last inventory upload date/time

Last Cust Import string

Display last customer name imported date/time

Last Product Pull string

Display last product pulled date/time

Pull To Itemdesc string

Pull items to master items table. The default is false i.e. only internal product IDs are saved, and product details are not visible to the user in Bizperanto

Order Tags string

Only pull orders with a specified tag list (separated by comma). Can be left blank to pull all orders

Customer Tags string

Specific name contains with customer name.

Product Tag string

Type of the product.

Location Id string

Specify the location for fulfillment and inventory. The default location from Shopify is auto populated if left blank

Skip Fulfilled string

Skip the fulfilled orders.

Location Filter string

Filter applied to look for locations.

Item Field string

To set any value forcefully of any field for products.

Skip Upc string

Unique values for line items.

Title as Desc string

Line item description.

Option1 string

To set any value forcefully of any field for products.

Option2 string

To set any value forcefully of any field for products.

Option3 string

To set any value forcefully of any field for products.

Offset string

To set any value forcefully of any field for products.

Abs Offset string


Inv Floor string


Category Filter string

Pull products for a particular category. Can be left blank to pull all categories

Suppress Email string

true/false to control email notification to end customer from Shopify when order is fulfilled. The default is to send notifications.

Suppress Comments string

true/false to control comments passed to orders

Upload All Inventory string

true/false to control uploading the entire inventory. Default (false) is to only upload modified inventory

Upload Whitelist Inv string


Inv Loc string

Inventory location

Upload from Bindings string

Upload to new inventory from bindings.

Brand Filter string

Only pull items for the specified brands. DEfault (blank) is to pull all.

Addendum string

Dumy line item can be added.

Force Billto Customer string

Use billing address for the specified customer for all imported orders.

Force Agency string The value for agency will be forced.
Auto Add Customer string

true/false. Auto create customer when exporting draft orders in to Shopify. Default is false

Check Cust Source string

Check the source of the customer from where the orders are coming.

Skip Match Cust No Match string

Match not found. Attempting to create customer in Shopify

Match By Name string

Match the customer by name.

Item Level Shipment string

Shipment based on the individual items level. Default is false.

Add Po To Notes string

true/false. Add the order PO number to notes section.

Shps From Orders string

Get shipments from orders.

Suppress Discount string

Suppress discount from orders.

Use Discount Alloc string

Discount distributed on line items.

Suppress Sent string

true / false. Prevents staging orders in the SHIPPED status from entering the SENT status.

Use Incoming Prices string

The prices coming from the source.

Use Incoming Desc string 

Line items description.

Exclude Country string

This allows the user to exclude the country.

Include Country Only string 

This allows the user to include those country where they want to ship the orders.

Default Ship Method string

This allows the user to select the default shipping method.

Upload Inventory Single Product string

Upload single product to the inventory.

Filter By Source string

Filter applied to find the specific sources. Details for setting up this node can be found here.    

One Variant Many Products string

One variant can have many products.

Upload Cc Details string

User can upload their credit card details.

Use Country State Name string

State name of the country where the order will be shipped.

Zap Ids string

Delete the records filtered by id's.

Use Multi Loc string

Multi location inventory

Fulfill From Packs string

Upload shipments by packs. Default is false.

Hold Future Ships string

Setting future ships.

Skip Bad Skus string

true/false. Skip unmatched SKUs and export the order into Shopify. Default is to generate an error if SKU(s) are not matched

Hold For Bind string

Bindings needed on Shopify order. Order would not be exported until binding created.

Uom Convert string

Conversion factor for line items.

Tax As Line string

Tax applied on line items.

Apply Discount string

Applying sku discount.

Use Dropship string

Different portal Dropship used for the orders having Dropship tag.

Multi Sku Update string
Price Is Whls string

Wholesale price.

No Quotes string

Adding taglist when there is no quotes on the product.

Tax Exempt string

Relief in taxes against the actual taxes applied on the order.

Auto Add Items string

Creating product in shopify automatically.

Sku From Desc string

Sku descriptions under line items.

Inactive No Faire string

Inactive the product don't having Faire tag.

Int Block string

Other than US, orders will be skipped for other countries.

Line Item Loc string

Location mentioned under line item.

Enable Back Orders string

Split Back Orders.

Pull Hscode string

Get HS code from line items.

Vendor Filter string

Filter applied to fetch records for particular vendor.

Published Only string

See only published product list.

Hold For Fraud string

Hold the orders which possibly detected as fraud.

Test Mode string

Only show debug statements in Event log without invoking the API.

Block Tag string This allows user to restrict/block the product tags.
Debug string

true/ false. Affects logging.

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