How To Connect Syncware with Netsuite (Netsuite Connector)

NetSuite API Keys required for Syncware connection

1. Token ID: 38adcec31b77daabababa50066071ccae706b4d848ef8dfdfdf

2. Token Secret: 5098f7e35f2abababa5db6da33b0e6f4503c33b17f0176a8dffdfddf

3. Consumer Key/client ID: 566d441fabababe487eb9d02b7956f5c07d25f1dfdfdfdfdfdff

4. Consumer Secret/ client secret: 053d87b5fffc11abababed78923d802cbfbdfdfdfdfdfdfdf

5. Application ID: 1F38E8CC-1234-4836-dfdfdfdfdfdfd

6. NetSuite Account#: 1011234 (or 1011234_SB)

7. Role ID:  xxxxxx

How to get these in NetSuite (Needs System Administrator privilege)

Before using the NetSuite connector, you must enable Token-Based Authentication for your account, create a new Integration record for the connector, and create a new custom Role to give users access to the connector:

1. If not done already, enable Token-Based Authentication for your account. Log into your NetSuite system administrator account and navigate to Setup > Company > Enable Features

2. Create a new Integration for the connector:

2.1 Navigate to Setup > Integration > Manage Integrations.

2.2 Create a new Integration, call it "Syncware"

2.3 Enable State, TBA (Token-Based Authentication) and User Credentials for the new Integration. Disable Token URL, oAuth, etc

2.4 Make note of the Application ID, Consumer Key and Consumer Secret values.

3. Creating a new custom Role :

3.1 Navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles

3.2 Locate the Developer role and select Edit to create a new role, Custom Developer. Note the role                name and role ID

3.3 Make it Web Services Only Role

3.4 On the Permissions tab, configure the access as required:

    • Transactions: Sales Order (Full), Sales Order Approval (Full), Fulfill Orders (Full), Find Transactions (Full), Cash Sale (Full), etc.
    • Lists: Integration Applications, Customers (Full), Items, Subsidiaries, Locations, Departments, Partners, Employees, Shipping Items, Classes, Payment Methods,
    • Setup: Accounting Lists, Soap Web Services, User Access Tokens, Custom Records, Custom Lists, Custom Body fields, Custom Entity fields, Custom Transaction fields, etc.

4. Navigate to Lists > Employees > Employees. Edit the user profile and assign them the custom Role           you created for the Syncware NetSuite connector in the Access tab.

5. Creating a new Access Token:

5.1 Navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > Access Tokens.

5.2 Create a new Access Token.

5.3 Select the user, Integration, and custom Role.

5.4 Note the Token ID and Token Secret

6. Navigate to Setup > Integration > Web Services Preferences. Note the Account ID.

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