Visual Studio 2019 installation

Visual studio 2019 comes with three flavors, the community edition, professional edition and enterprise edition.

You can start enjoying community edition to get a hang of development tool and to install it start downloaded by selecting community 2019 through below .

On click the down-loader *vs_community__1928614477.1571655341.exe* will be downloaded to your downloads folder on you machine.

Further follow below steps:

  1. Locate downloads folder on your machines and find *vs_community__1928614477.1571655341.exe. down-loader.
  2. Click on it, where you will get on to visual studio installer. Select the development components you require that you know.
  3. Select download with install and click on install button, which will start the download and install the visual studio simultaneously.
  4. Once installation is done, you will get below window.mceclip0.png
  5.  Further we can Launch the visual studio by selecting appropriate development settings and click on start Visual Studio.


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