Connecting with the Quickbooks Web Connector

  1. Create a folder "C:\QBWC Files" on your C: Drive.
  2. Save the .qwc file you received from Syncware in that folder (Created from Admin)
  3. Log in to Quickbooks in single-user mode as the Administrator. Only the Administrator can grant permission to an external application to connect.
  4. In Quickbooks, select File > App Management > Update Web Services.mceclip0.png
  5. In the Web Connector dialog, click Add Application.
  6. Select the .qwc file that you saved in step 1
  7. In Authorize New Web Service dialog, click OK.mceclip1.png
  8. In QuickBooks - Application Certificate dialog, select the options as highlighted in below screenshot and click Continue. mceclip4.png
  9. Click Yes on Syncware QB Sync - Authorization dialog. mceclip5.png
  10. Click Done on Access Confirmation dialog.mceclip6.png
  11. Now you will see QuickBooks Web Connector screen with Application added on it. Click the checkbox as highlighted on below screenshot.mceclip7.png
  12. As soon as you click the checkbox, it will give you popup to enter the password. Enter the password "bizqbwc" (without the double quotes) and click OK.mceclip8.png
  13. Select Auto-Run checkbox and set to run once per hour (60 minutes) as shown below.mceclip9.png
  14. Click the checkbox to the left, and click UPDATE SELECTEDmceclip10.png

Now Quickbooks is connected to Bizperanto and your data will start syncing!

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