How To Fix a Missing SKU From an Order

What does this Server Error mean?

The order is missing a SKU from a marketplace or sales channel that is required to process the order by your accounting package or ERP (Quickbooks, NetSuite, Orderhive, etc.). You can update the SKU directly on the order from Syncware. While this will allow the order to process, make sure to update the source of the order with the missing SKU so you do not run into this issue again. 

How to Resolve the Error

  1. Log into Syncware.
  2. Open the order by clicking on the Document icon (piece of paper with a magnifying glass) 

  3. Scroll down to the line items. You can see here the SKU is missing. There is a description, but the endpoint is expecting a number for the SKU. 

  4. To see the difference take a look at an order that did process without the error. That's the issue with the order, this alpha-numeric code assigned to the SKU is missing. 

  5. Update the order in Syncware by going to the Edit icon (which looks like a pencil).

  6. Update the SKU field and Save

  7. Export the order by selecting it and choosing Export

  8. This process can also be used to update any order information like billing or shipping addresses.

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