How to Fix a Server Error

General Troubleshooting Steps for All Errors

Many errors can be fixed just by trying to reexport the order.

  1. Log into Syncware. Choose Staging > Orders
  2. Select the order, select the endpoint you are sending the order to, and choose Export. If the order exports, please inform support at so we can check if we need to fix anything to prevent this from happening in the future. Proceed to the next step if you still have an issue. 
  4. Click the exclamation mark next to SERVER_ERROR status. 
  5. The error will give you an idea of what the problem is. The table at the bottom of this article has a list of common server error issues and their associated help articles. The wording of the error you encounter may slightly differ from endpoint to endpoint, however, the steps to resolve the errors are the same. Look for messages like missing SKU, invalid SKU, unable to connect, authentication error, etc.
  6. If you cannot find an article that addresses the error, check the order to see if all the SKUs are in your accounting package or ERP and if they are all active.
  7. If you are still stuck, reach out to support for further assistance contact support We are continuously updating this list and associated articles, so always check back here if you run into an issue. 

**Note: If you cannot read the full error message, check the logs by choosing the  Event Log tab.

Choose Sync Log. That will show the full message. If you still have trouble reading the log contact support

Article List



SKU or Item not found
Invalid Reference Id Product/Service assigned to this transaction has been deleted.
SKU Missing from the order
Cannot Create a Customer
Term (Net 30, Credit Card, etc.) not found in QBOE account. Please add it and retry.
Business Validation Error: You can’t create or modify a transaction with a date that comes before you started tracking quantity on hand
Quickbooks Online: Business validation error - You need to activate this item before updating the quantity

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