Pick and Pack instructions (using New Grid (Beta)) for EDI orders and generate ASN and invoice for retail chain

1) Login to Bizperanto using bizperanto.com , navigate to STAGING > Orders > Click "magnifier" to view the order details.



2) Now go to "Pick and Pack" tab, click checkbox to select an item from left panel then click "NEW PACK" to create Pack for the selected item. Repeat the same step for each items and create Packs for each individual items.




3) Now select an item and its pack created on last step, then click "PACK SELECTED". Repeat this step again for remaining items and its packs.






4) Once all the packs are ready, select the packs one by one and the details (Tracking no., BOL, Carrier) will be populated on to the respected text boxes. If you find any missing like Tracking No. or Carrier, just enter the correct values and click "Update" button. 




5) Once all the updation are done for all packs, click "PRINT LABEL" to print single package label or "PRINT ALL LABELS" for all packages. Now once the shipment is done, you can click "MARK AS SHIPPED" and the order status will change to "SHIPPED" and the ASN + invoice both will be processed within an hour. 


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