How to Connect Cin7 and Syncware

Syncware uses Cin7 API for the data exchange. To authorize Syncware, Cin7 requires providing an API username and API key.

To retrieve the API username & Connection Key:

  1. Log in to your Cin7 account as an administrator.
  2. Visit the following page (copy & paste in the same browser window where CIN7 is open):
  3. Note the API Username mentioned on the screen
  4. Now, you can either (a) Set a New API Connection or (b) Use an existing one
    (a) Click "Add New API Connection" button.  Name it "Syncware" and note the Key once you save the connection
    (b) If you know the Key for the existing API connection, just share that.  Else, click on "Regenerate Key" and then share the new Key.
  5. Share the API Username and Connection Key with the onboarding team.

  6. Click "Permissions" next to the API User and set the permissions as outlined in the screenshot below.
    (a) READ: Contacts, Branches, Product Categories, Products, Options, Stock, Credit Notes
    (b) CREATE, READ, UPDATE: Sales Orders, Purchase Orders

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