How to Connect Shopify to Syncware

  1. Follow the steps in this article to create a custom app in Shopify to obtain your API token.
    1. Make sure that all the permissions are set correctly in Step 7
  2. Log in to Syncware
    1. Go to Settings > Endpoints 
    2. Click the Gear Icon in the Shopify Endpoint
    3. From Shopify enter the Admin API Access Token in the field labeled Access Token:
    4. Enter the store name from Shopify - this is found in your Shopify URL, the bold portion is what needs to be entered into Syncware: - DO NOT enter the last part -
    5. Click Save
  3. To make sure the connection is successful, click the Play button on the “GetLocations” Endpoint
  4. Check the Event Logs to confirm the connection
    1. Choose Event Logs from the left menu
    2. Successfully connections will look like following
  5. Email the Onboarding Team ( to let them know that you have successfully connected Shopify to Syncware and are ready to connect Shopify to your other systems.

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