How to Update Bindings

How to Add Bindings

Log into Syncware:

  1. Go to Staging > Bindings
  2. Then select the endpoint that needs to be updated. In the example given, the ExportInvoices endpoint for Quickbooks is selected. Select the Node. The Node is just another way of saying which part of the endpoint is getting updated. In this case, the SKUs are being updated. You can update any available node the same way as the SKUs being updated in this example.
  3. Update the From and To fields. The From field should have how the data (in this case the SKU) is coming into Syncware. The To field is how the data should be transformed. For example, if the SKU is XYZ from Faire, but needs to be updated to ABC in Quickbooks. XYZ would go into the From field and ABC would go into the To field. Click Add and the binding is updated. 
  4. Note - You can map as many values in the From field as needed. However, they cannot be mapped to multiple values in the To field. In our example, XYZ cannot have a binding to ABC and 123.
  5. Recently we added a search field for the bindings. If you are wondering if something already has a binding, just put the SKU (or any other value depending on the Node) in the Search field and click the Search button.
  6. If you run into any problems here is how to contact support for additional assistance

How to Remove Bindings

Log into Syncware:

  1. Select the endpoint from the Select Endpoint dropdown and the node for the endpoint, in this example we will update the SKU, found in the node field to the left. 
  2. Enter the SKU into the Search field and choose Search
  3. Choose the X icon (white 'x' with a red circle). 

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