Faire Plugin configurations

Name Type Description
API Key* string The API key supplied by Faire integration team
API Version string Faire API version.
Staging string true / false to connect with Faire staging environment
Auto Approve string true/ false. Whether to auto-approve orders in Faire, once downloaded
Send PO Ack string true/ false. Whether to send PO acknowledgment (inventory adjustment)
Block Pricing string This will allow product information to go up SANS pricing, and the user can control the pricing in FAIRE manually
Last Order Import string Display last order imported date/time
Allow Dupes string Allows user to create duplicate entry under Line items.
Last Inventory Upload string Display last inventory upload date/time
Last Products Upload string Display last products upload date/time
Last Pricing Upload string Display last pricing upload date/time
Update Products YN string true / false. Whether to update products; default is to only upload NEW products
Update Products Batch string Upload new products batch. Default is false.
Round Pricing string true/false. Default is false. Round the prices to the nearest 2 decimals. Ex: $4.34 would show as 400 (cents)
Round Up string Round up upto two decimal values
Wholesale Retails Ratio string Default is 2.00 (50%). Use this wholesale to retail product price ratio when uploading new products. Retail price is divided by this value to determine wholesale price (if the source system does not provide it). For example: specify 2 if wholesale is 50% of retail, 2.22 for 45%, 1.67 for 60%, and so on.
No Ratio string true / false. Enabling no ratio will equals the ratio for retail and wholesale prices.
Skip Zero Inv Products string Obsolete
Pull To Itemdesc string Pull items to master items table. The default is false i.e. only internal product IDs are saved, and product details are not visible to the user in Bizperanto
Batch Size string Enter the batch size of the products.
Case Size string Obsolete
ST as BT string Use shipping address as billing address on all orders
All States string Comma separated list of order states to get view. Valid states are: DELIVERED,IN_TRANSIT,PRE_TRANSIT,CANCELED,PROCESSING,NEW
Exclude Processing string true/ false. Exclude orders that are in Processing status.
Block States string Comma separated list of order states to block. Valid states are: DELIVERED,IN_TRANSIT,PRE_TRANSIT,CANCELED,PROCESSING,NEW
Prefix PO string true/ false. Prefix incoming PO with "Faire-". Default is false
Remove Po Prefix string Remove prefix from orders.
Faire Customer Prefix string Add Faire prefix before company/vendor name.
Suffix Option Name string Add suffix after company/vendor name.
Active If Stock string If this is set to TRUE, items are set to active if there is stock when inventory goes up.  If not, active/inactive is left as is
Perc Offset string Fixed percent set for any products.
Abs Offset string Absolute offset set for any products.
Default Brand Id string Use this brand ID when uploading new products
Default Rep string Use this rep when uploading orders.
Default Terms string Use this terms when uploading orders.
Default Sm string Use this Sm when uploading orders.
Default Agency string Use this agency when uploading orders.
Default Parent string Use this parent when uploading orders.
Tariff Code string Use this tariff code when uploading new products
Comm As Sku string Commission applied on Sku and adding line for commission under line items.
Payout As Sku string Payout fee applied on Sku and adding line for payout under line items.
Comm As Dsc string Discount on commission applied to Sku.
Inv Cutoff string Cutoff set for orders for any inventory.
Force Inv string Inventory value will be default in any cases.
Inv Pre Orderable string Orders can be booked before uploading/launching to inventory.
Moq string Minimum order quantity.
Active Status string True / False. Enable or disable the status of the products.
Incoming Email string Enter incoming email to track order details with billing/shipping addresses.
Notify Email string Enter email to get notifications emails.
All Caps string Order details will be in capital letters.
Bill Code string Billing address code.
Zap Single Product string Delete/deactivate product variants.
Product Upload Tag string Checking with product tag under items list.
Prod Type string Type of product.
Prod Upload Filter string Uploads a single product. Use the item code or SKU.
Comments As Desc string Mention comments to set as description.
Use Testers string True / False - set when they have tester products in Faire
Fixed Freight string Fix the freight for orders.
Handling Charge string Add handling charges with shipping cost.
Exclude Product Variants string This allows user to restrict the product variants.
Ignore Tracking string Tracking order details can be ignored by the user.
Exp Ship Days string Expected shipping days.
Enable Back Orders string Split Back Orders.
Unique Email string Enter email to mention under billing/shipping addresses.
Inv Eached To Packs string Packs of items from inventory.
All Active string All active products.
Force Remove Variants string Obsolete
Price Is Wholesale string Obsolete
Test Mode string Only show debug statements in Event log without invoking the API
Debug string true/ false. Affects logging.

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